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"I've got a new favorite way of testing out the old gray matter; it's called Quibble."

Jennifer Allen, (Read more)

"Quibble Kids has a very nice interface and it was extremely easy to learn how to play."

The iPhone Mom, (Read More)

"You really don’t need to worry about your children being bored with this app.  As an adult, I played the Word Match and Math Match and found that they would be challenging for the older age group."

Play That Now, (Read More)

At Chess Pie Media, we create smart, intuitive games that test your knowledge, improve your mental agility, and grow your mind.  We want you and your kids to play our games and feel good about the time spent.

We've partnered with our friends at Night and Day Studios to release our first two games, Quibble and Quibble Kids. We hope you and your family will enjoy the challenge of playing them as much as we enjoyed the challenge of creating them.  Purchase them from iTunes and watch for new puzzle packs and additional features in the near future. Please send suggestions, questions, and comments to


Go to Quibble Demo Video. 

Go to Quibble Kids Demo Video.